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Who are MCIAC?

Everything you need to know...

Why choose a MCIAC training school?

Up to now, people wanting to learn to ride a motorcycle or scooter have had no way to distinguish good training schools from poor ones and there are plenty of both! Equally, training schools have had no means of letting the public know they have invested time and money in making sure that their training and equipment is of the highest standards.

Riders often choose their training provider by cost, or guarantees of a quick pass, which means many receive a poor introduction to riding. It is impossible to deliver quality training at rock bottom prices.  Learning to ride safely takes time, providing well trained Instructors, good quality and reliable motorcycles and clean and well fitting helmets and clothing all cost money, not to mention petrol, insurance and administration costs. 

Don't base your choice on cost alone. 

Ask questions, lots of them! ATBs should be approachable and professional and be more than happy to discuss what they can offer you.  KRTS training schools  have a customer service pledge and clear pricing structures to help you.   

Kawasaki are keen to ensure that you receive a high level of customer service, a high quality safe and enjoyable experience and that the training you receive is of the highest standard and on well maintained, new motorcycles (less than 2 years old) .
All Kawasaki Rider Training Scheme (KRTS) approved Training schools  are MCIAC accredited and as such have undertaken a rigorous programme of business improvement and are committed to delivering standards of training and customer service that by far exceed those prescribed by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).  The DVSA are the Government department in charge of setting standards for driving and motorcycling, licensing, testing and education services. 

KRTS Customers of all MCIAC accredited ATBs have peace of mind, knowing that in addition to completing a comprehensive training course, all MCIAC schools are inspected annually (DVSA require that all Instructors are checked once every 4 years, by appointment).  In addition you will receive a survey following your training, we use your feedback to ensure that the high standards of customer care required by both KRTS and MCIAC are maintained 365 days a year and that you receive the high quality training you deserve.